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Keto Diet – No More Flu

After two weeks of fatigue, headaches, and muscle aches, I have finally gotten over the dreaded keto “flu.”

I started taking the Pruvit’s Keto//OS 2.1 in Orange Dream, half a package in the morning and early afternoon and the other half in the morning last Monday and it’s been a game changer.

  • It definitely helped me with my cravings and curbed my hunger.  Now instead of wanted snacks all day and 10 snacks at night, I’m able to go between meals without needing something but also I can get by with one snack at night and I’m satisfied.
  • I’ve increased my intake of water by a half a gallon to a gallon a day.  I used to maybe drink 8oz of water a day, if that.  All I’d drink was Dt DrPepper unless we went out to eat and I would then drink water.
  • My energy has returned and so has my focus. I’ve been able to get more work done with my wreath business, like this past weekend, I finished four wreaths and on a busy holiday weekend.  It was great being myself again.
  • My headaches have gone down in number and intensity.  They used to be daily and close to migraine status and now they are maybe 1-3 days a week and more annoying and I can work through them.

I bought them individually from a my friend, just to try them before I signed up for an auto shipment.  I bought 10 days worth, 7 days in and I’ve signed up for the auto ship.  I love this stuff!!!  I’ve used a lot of supplements in the past from Advocare to Thrive and some of the companies work and some, not so much.  This one so far is the best and the easiest.  Some that have worked in the past are timed and there are 3-4 different things to take… this is 1 item (they do have other) you mix in your drink and drink throughout the day.  You can use 1-2 packets a day but I was told to start with splitting one packet twice a day.


It’s been three weeks and I honestly can’t see myself ending this diet.  It’s hard at first but becomes a lot easier.  You almost don’t miss carbs and sweets.  The first two weeks I wanted a sandwich so badly just for the bread and I nearly cheated, but we didn’t have enough sandwich meat to make a proper sandwich, so I didn’t think it was worth it.  Once you get past the hump, it becomes so much easier to say no, because you feel so much better that its not worth the trouble.

I watched this documentary on Netflix called The Magic Pill that’s about the keto diet and it’s many benefits.  This diet helps with diabetes, dementia, obesity, blood pressure, those affected with mental illnesses and many other ailments.  You should check it out and really look into doing this diet as well.

My dad is now over 40 lbs lost, hubby is at 20 lbs lost, and mom & I are at 8 lbs lost.  I’m looking forward to week 4… hopefully I can add some exercise in this week and add to my weight loss.



Keto Diet – End of Week 2

What a rocky road for me.  Not just with the diet but emotional too.  I ended up getting the dreaded keto “flu” and haven’t had much energy at all, along with daily headaches.  I haven’t had it the whole time but this week for sure.

I’ve talked with a friend who has been on the keto diet for over a year and she has given me tips on how to fix my fatigue.  First step is to drink more water.  I am not a big water drinker.  I like it cold only and I’m a sipper so my ice melts quickly.  Once it’s warm and in a glass with an open top and has sat there awhile, I won’t drink it.  Stuff in the air settles and that grosses me out.  I don’t like the plastic cups with reusable straws because I don’t feel they get clean enough. So to help me with water intake I ordered a custom tumbler from my good friend Whitney with Whitney’s Custom Creations.  Now my water can stay cold for a long time and I don’t have to worry about dust settling in my water.


Second step is to up my sodium intake with pink himalayan salt.  She told me about a neat trick she does, where she carries a small vial of the salt around with her and periodically eats a small pinch of salt to give her system a boost.  She also does it when she gets muscle cramps.  Doing both of these should help me get past the “flu.”

On top of that my depression has been bad.  Dark thoughts and all.  Charles knew something was wrong… I knew something was wrong.  The supplements I was taking, I had to stop due to the carb count in it.  The second supplement I started taking wasn’t doing anything.  I had a doctor appointment on Monday and asked for a new anti-depressant with anxiety help.  She prescribed me Lexapro and within 30-40 minutes of taking the first one, I was so giddy and happy and for the first time in a year, I felt like I was myself again.  It was amazing… so amazing that I had my grandma’s doctor prescribe it to her too.  She has had a really hard time since grandpa passed away.

It feels so good to have my hamster back on its wheel running at full steam ahead.  I am full of ideas to add to my business DOORDECORbySieara and I’m soon going to start using Keto//OS to help me with my hunger hurdle and once I get my energy back, I’m going to start exercising at home.

I’m excited.  During my darkest moment last weekend, I thought “What is there to live for?  I don’t have Audrey and once again having a hard time getting pregnant… what do I have to look forward to?”  That thought hurt my soul to think and why I went back to anti-depressants.  With everything I’m thinking of and all that I’m about to do, it gives me something to look forward to again.  I am inspired and so looking forward to continuing this diet and seeing where it leads.

Back to the diet… We steared away from the cookbooks this week.  We has salmon from Costco, salads, burgers with a lettuce bun, a huge breakfast dinner (eggs, bacon, and sausage), and Chipolte bowls.  All really yummy… tonight we had ribs with no sauce, broccoli, and ranch.  The ribs were perfect.  Charles did an amazing job as always.


I am having a hard time figuring out snacks.. a girl can only eat so many turkey sticks.  So if any of you have any suggestions that doesn’t include avocados, please leave it in the comments!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Total Weight Loss:

Sieara – 7.4 lbs

Charles – Still not sure – at least 4 lbs

Keto Diet Day 4-6 I’m Now Having a Hard Time

This week really wasn’t the best week to start this diet.  I am always a mess this time of month with the anniversary of Audrey’s dates (24th & 25th) and this week is worse since I had to go off a supplements I used for my depression and wait for a new one to be shipped.  I am an emotional eater and look for carbs and sweets and its all I can do to pull myself away from them.  Yesterday I was starving all day and to add more fats in my diet, I had 2 salads, which because of the dressings, through me over my carb and calorie max.  Salads, though, are not filling and so I just wanted to eat all the time.

Today my depression was high and I really wanted carbs.  I wanted a sandwich with actual bread or a summer berry cheesecake blizzard from Dairy Queen.  I of course didn’t because I need to be on this diet… I know we all go through a rough patch when starting a diet and I’m proud that I haven’t caved… yet.  I’ve started the new supplement so hopefully that will help me to stay on course.

My weight has been moving up and down the past couple of days, I’m sure because of the emotional stress I’ve been having this week.

I am now going to see what I have to eat… possibly going to have turkey sausage bites because they are crazy low on carbs, but I eat them all the time and getting tired of them.

Oh and to end this week, I have a stye that developed and my eye and the area around it is killing me!  It hurts to do nothing and hurts even worse to blink/close my eye. My eye is already swollen a little and I’m nervous how it will progress tomorrow.

Keto Diet Day 3 – What!!!

I lost another 2lbs today! Not sure how I’m losing cause it hasn’t been that long, but hey I’ll take the weight loss.

Today’s diet was uneventful because I didn’t eat breakfast and had a shake for lunch.  I spent the day at grandma’s playing cards and dominoes.  I ate lunch around 1pm and about 4pm my stomach was growling so loud, I could hear it over the music playing.  I realized one shake and nothing else, is not going to cut it.

After grandma’s, I went and picked up mom to go to the store where I stocked up on turkey bites and sticks and then we got stuff for what ended up being a really yummy breakfast dinner.  I had 4 eggs scrambled with cheese, 5 pieces of bacon, 6 sausage links, and 2 pieces of cloud bread.  It sounds like a lot and it was, but I was starving.  All that was 131.5g of protein and only 13.4g of carbs!   It was so filling!!

I also made more maple pecan cookies but added 5 more drops of liquid stevia and one more tablespoon of the sugar-free maple syrup.  They turned out so much better.

I’m really proud of myself.  Today marks 7 months since we lost Audrey.  I am an emotional eater and I came close to giving in, but I stayed strong.  I miss her so much.  Like I say, I am ok with her passing because she would not have had a good quality of life with her health issues, but I wish we had more time with her.  There are a lot of things I wish we could have done with her, but some of those things weren’t physically possible for her.  I know she is in a better place.

22117712_10103615425226268_21498988_o (2)

Total weight loss:

Sieara – 3 lbs

Charles – TBD (he did not weigh in today)


Keto Diet – Day 2 Meh

Today I planned on eating an egg and ham sandwich for breakfast but really had a small ham sandwich, which was ok… not enough for breakfast.  I had an awful night with a bad asthma attack that really scared me and I ended up waking up with a headache.  After breakfast the headache got a little worse, so I took something for my head and relaxed.

I was so hungry by time lunch came.  I hurried and made Cheesy Tuna Melt out of the keto ebook and decided to eat both portions since I was so hungry and I could afford the carbs since breakfast was so small.  I was quite nervous because it didn’t look super appetizing, but to my surprise it was really good and satisfying.

My headache just got worse as the day went by and nothing was helping. I went to lay down, hoping the dark and quiet would help.  It did not.  Once hubby got home, we laid there and talked for a little bit, then headed downstairs to get dinner going.  After the second round of Excedrin finally kicked in, I realized we didn’t have any bread for the sloppy joes we were about to have.  So I made a batch of cloud bread and then honey made the sloppy joes, which was so good.

Our erythritol came in today so I made avocado chocolate mousse and I had high hopes, since everything so far has been really good, but this recipe…. it was not good at all…  the avocados were perfect so I think it was just the mix of avocado and chocolate.  We dumped it.  I will never make it again.  Luckily I still had cookies left over from last night.

Yesterday I snacked a lot and didn’t really have a meal for breakfast or lunch and today had the meals, but didn’t snack.  I prefer the snacking… it kept me satisfied throughout the day.

Its been 2 days and we are already down in weight.  Come back regularly for more updates!

Keto Diet Day: 2
Charles has lost: 4 lbs
I’ve lost 1.2 lbs

Keto Diet – Day 1 Here We Go

In my third trimester with Audrey, I developed gestational diabetes and tried to go as long as I could without insulin by controlling my diet (the diabetic diet) and trying medications.  I went a bit too far and ended up going into ketosis.  I lost 15 lbs in a little over 2 weeks and got chewed out by my team of doctors for losing that amount of weight.  I was told to eat more carbs and insulin was going to happen.  I bought myself 5 weeks without and only had to be on insulin for a little over a week.  All this said, I essentially did the keto diet for a short time and it wasn’t too bad.  It was awful for pregnancy cravings but it was worth it.

Now, 8 months later and I’ve gained back the weight I worked so hard to lose before getting pregnant with Audrey.  My dad started the keto diet towards the end of January and has done such a great job by losing around 35 lbs already, despite being surrounded by carb eaters.  I know it wasn’t easy because I’ve been in that position.  So after much thought and my chiropractor pushing whole 30 on me (to help with eliminating the inflammation in my body and help me get pregnant again), I’ve decided to give the keto diet another shot.

I am very blessed to have the support of my husband, since he doesn’t need to diet and we are doing the diet together.  I purchased a set of keto diet cookbook ebooks and started planning our meals for the week.  Almost $400 later (food, kitchen appliances, books) and we have hit the beginning… today was day 1.

Last night I made a batch of cloud bread so Charles would have something for breakfast and lunch and today I made a few more batches for dad.  I was in a hurry this morning so I only had 1 piece of cloud bread and was busy this afternoon so I had a protein shake.  We found turkey bites that work so so well with our diet and was able to snack a few times during the day without going overboard.  Charles made Lemon Mustard Salmon on a bed of cauliflower rice tonight and it was the BEST salmon I’ve ever had.  EVER….  I made Maple Pecan Cookies for dessert.  I ate 6 cookies and still came in under my 25g carbs a day maximum.


Photo is from Dinner in Five ebook. Link to website in paragraph above.

The first day was not so bad. I didn’t feel deprived of anything, nor did I have any cravings for carbs or sweets.  I maybe would have liked more salmon, because it was just so tasty.  Tomorrow I will try a breakfast sandwich and make some kind of tuna or chicken salad for a sandwich.

We shall see how day 2 goes with me eating a bit more than I did today and maybe snacking a little less. I am so looking forward to losing so much weight.  My short term goal is 30 lbs and long term goal is to get down to 200 lbs and then we will see if I should lose more or be happy at 200lbs.

Creative Overload & The Obsession to be My Own Boss


I am a very creative person.  It’s quite annoying sometimes because it can overload my head with ideas and projects that I want to do.  I can’t always keep myself from diving right in and creating a business out of whatever my obsession is at that time.  Several years ago, when Pinterest came out, I wanted to create furniture and wreaths using felt and making my own flowers with the felt.  I called it Diddlydoos & More and it lasted a couple of months until I realized there was nothing to it and I had no sales.  I then joined several MLM companies covering makeup, jewelry, health care, oils, clothes, nails, and bath products… I’m probably leaving out a couple.  Hahaha.   All of them would go so far before business went down and what ever support I had dwindled away.  These days I’m still selling essential oils and I’m with a much better cosmetics company (LimeLight by Alcone, which is the 3rd cosmetics company I’ve been with and the last because they are amazing) and I’ve started my 4th craft business.  After Diddlydoos and after moving to another state, mom and I started Opey’s Home (pet clothing and accessories) which did pretty good and we even have our products in a store front, I started Audreys Memory, which really isn’t a business but a donation project in the name of my forever angel Audrey, and most recently DOORDECOR by Sieara, which is wreaths again, but with floral arrangements, home decor, and memorial keepsakes.

I don’t know what it is about me that must have my own business whether they fail or succeed.  I’m never pulled down in failure… if anything it encourages me to try something else.  Maybe the determination runs in my blood, with the fact the my grandparents started their own company which has grown to be a very successful company and my other grandparents who were very creative in their retirement projects.  Put the two sides together and boom… you have me!

My bigger issue is that even though I have orders for wreaths coming in and I am busy, I still see other items that I want to get my hands on and add to my business.  Right now there is a craze on glittered tumblers… my creative urges want to make them so badly, until I think of everything I’d have to buy to get started, which keeps me from doing them.  The other day I went to Micheals to get supplies for an order and stumbled into the jewelry section and thought… I can make jewelry!  Hahahaha.  So I bought stuff to make a pretty key chain in memory of Audrey and two days later, its missing off my keys.  Nope! Not wasting my money on that if I cant make a strong enough key chain to last more than two days.  My eyes can’t seem to stay on task and wants to make everything! I also blame Pinterest for my obsession, since that’s where I see a lot of different things to do.

So today I was thinking about shipping, because shipping wreaths is expensive and I thought, those tumblers would be so much easier and cheaper to ship… I then thought of quitting all together but shortly after, I got a knock at the door.  It was a neighbor selling flowers for her cheer booster club.  I bought some to help support her and found out her mom also does wreaths and arrangements and after talking for a short bit, she offered to network with me on some of her events!  I thought, how amazing… her daughter probably wouldn’t have asked about what I do if I didn’t have my door and car decorated in flowers.  I thought this cant be a coincidence… here I’m thinking of giving up and God knocks on the door with possible growth for my business.  I’d love to get into events!

This could be the first business that I’ve made on my own and by myself, that might actually work out. Every time I get serious about starting something new, I will quickly come up with a name and logo… I’ll go all out with business cards and marketing. With DOORDECOR, I knew exactly what I wanted the name to be and that I wanted door decor to be all caps and one word, but the logo.. I can’t seem to figure out the logo.  I have ideas but I have no idea what to do.  I need help but don’t have the money to hire anyone and with my creativity going other places, I’m blocked on the logo.

I will keep going and keep trying until I succeed.  I won’t be knocked down.  Doing something creative excites me and I feel so accomplished when I am able to put whats in my head comes to fruition.  It would be amazing if this goes somewhere.  It’s absolutely therapeutic.

What a year…

color-8594 (2)

My last post was a year after my last and here I am doing it again… Its been almost a year since my last post.

So much has happened this last year.  It’s been one of the worst years of my life and a bad beginning of the this new year.  At my 20 weeks anatomy scan, they found fluid on my babies brain and sent me to a specialist to confirm.  The specialist confirmed and sent me to get an MRI to see how bad it was.  I had the MRI and what felt like forever later, we had a meeting at Childrens Mercy with a big team of doctors on the results.  Thats never good right?  At least 7 different doctors.  They sat us down and told us that there was a lot of fluid in her head, so much so that her brain wasn’t fully developing.  We were told that our precious baby either wasn’t going to make it to birth or wouldn’t live a long life, that she might have moderate disabilities… she may never walk, talk, have learning disabilities.  One of the doctors was sure she would be stillborn.  What a blow.  7 years and 3 miscarriages to get our first successful pregnancy and now we have to mourn either the loss of our baby or the loss of a life she would have had.

Fast forward… weekly biophysical tests, pokes, prods, and hope for a miracle later and its time for our sweet baby girl to join this world.  We are prepared for anything… I think.  At 8:10am on August 24th, 2017 our sweet baby girl was born.  She was so beautiful and perfect, but her prognosis was worse than the doctors thought.  There was so much fluid that she only had 10% of her brain and it was only bits and pieces and not even healthy tissue.  They said so much of her brain was compromised that she wasn’t in there; she would never mentally be anything but an infant.  She also only had one kidney, some of her ribs were fused together, she was deaf in both ears, and she had a couple of other issues.  They did every genetics testing possible but there was a 12 week wait on the results, so we waited.  They gave her 24 hours to live after birth.

My sweet sweet Audrey Louise was such an incredibly strong spirit.  She made it past the 24 hour mark and doctors said she wouldn’t breath on her own, but she did. She then had surgery to put a shunt in her head to drain some of the fluid.  They then said that she wouldn’t be able to be extubated  (taking out the breathing tube) and she won’t breathe on her own… so we worked up the courage and gathered family for them to take out her tube, but she handled it like a pro and didn’t have any issues.  She was on oxygen for the next week and a half before we were able to bring her home.

Audrey came home for another week and a half before we had to bring her back to the hospital.  She was on continuous feeds, every 3 hours through a NG tube.  I could tell the day before that she didn’t feel well and I took her to the doctor who said she probably had gastroenteritis and that we needed to start her on this medication; shortly after her 3pm feed I heard her make this little noise and looked at her and she was blue.  I picked her up and she was limp.  I started CPR and my mom called 911, in the process of CPR, I would break to cry and my mom just kept pushing me to keep going.   I wasn’t ready to lose her.  She started breathing just as the ambulance pulled up.  Our sweet darling lived for 4 more days before her fight was over.  We found out that she had a UTI that we didn’t know about that became septic.  She couldn’t fight that, since she only had one kidney, the infection took over her body and she just couldn’t recover.

On her last day, the hospital was amazing and gave us a private room next to the chapel to stay in.  They also hired a photographer to come in and take pictures of her with us.  It was an amazing gesture.  She stayed with us until late in the morning the next day where she laid between us and drifted off to sleep and off to heaven.  She waited for us to fall asleep…  I miss her so much.  She passed away between 1-2am on September 25th, 2017.

I got through most of my grief in the following months and looked forward to the new year. January came and I got the flu for the first time, I think in my life, that lasted the whole month.  Just as I was getting better, my grandpa passed away.  That brought back a lot of memories of Audrey.  Going through the funeral plans again was hard but I was able to help my family get through it.  Shortly after I got a cold which upset my asthma, so all of February I was sick.  Now March is here and I’m about back to 100%.

So with all that said, it’s been a year.  A long and hard, painful year that I’m am still trying to work through.  I have moments of happiness and I can get through my day and then I have days that I reminded of her all the time.  It’s a day by day process.

I have things I am looking forward to like making wreaths and decor and soon I will get to be a full time nanny to a very sweet little boy, I get to play with the kids in nursery every Sunday at church, and also get to spend more time with my grandma.  Hopefully this year we will also be looking at another pregnancy and moving on.  Lots to look forward to.


Day Off Means Unpacking

Our (my mother and I) days are usually really busy doing errands, taking care of my grandparents, and taking care of the dogs.  We used to sew clothes all day and at night I would handle what ever business of the month I was doing, lately its been LimeLight by Alcone, which I adore. However, ever since we found out I was pregnant, I dropped everything. I had no interest to do anything extra because I was so sick and tired. Now in my second trimester, I’m coming out of the fog and ready to get back in the swing of things.

Thursdays are my day off because mom works at the Temple.  When I had my car, I’d go care for my grandparents and let my parents dogs out.  Now that my car isn’t drive-able at the moment, I am dependent on mom and my husband to drive me around.  So today I have nothing to do but unpack and since I have a little bit of energy, I thought I’d tackle the office boxes. Yes I have more than one box of office crap and only one desk.  I have this old antique roll top desk that my dear sweet husband thought it would be nice to replace the drawer glides, to make them open smoothly.  Well sometimes old desks can’t be modernized with new glides.  We have had the hardest time finding some that would fit and now I have 3 working drawers with handles, 2 working drawers with no handles, and 2 non working drawers. The two drawers that don’t have handles on them, I have to open them with a screw. Before the desk was in the basement so it really didn’t matter how messy it was since no one saw it.  We decided to keep it upstairs in the dining room and replace the industrial spindle I was using for a dining room table, even though we never used it.  I never got around to refinishing the wood on it so it did give splinters.  Its now outside.  I love this desk being in the dining room! It looks like it should have always been there, but now that means its has to stay neat.   Which means my loving husband now has to fix the drawers.  Not sure how he will do it but it must be done.

Anyways, I got the two boxes unpacked and now have a bin that goes to my moms full of shipping supplies. This is probably the 3rd box to go to her house, which I am sure my dad is thrilled with.

We have about 4-5 boxes that need to go to Goodwill and I am so proud of myself for having that many. I have a slight hoarder complex, but after becoming pregnant and moving into an upgraded unit, I have wanted to clean house and purge crap I am not using. I am sure there is still a bunch I could get rid of. Our kitchen is a little smaller than our last place and we have a crazy amount of kitchen gear.  I’m not willing to clutter up my counters so I’m not sure where we will put this other stuff that hasn’t been unpacked.  We have a dehydrator, which the hubs really wants to use and so do I but it takes so long.  Then there is our popcorn maker which only my husband uses.

I have two bathroom boxes that I for some reason am having a hard time unpacking.  One of them is small and the other is an extra large box that does have other items in it, but I look at them (the boxes) and just don’t want to open them.  Is that strange? I have one big bin that needs to be unloaded and I am not sure what’s all in it  I know there are some clothes in it, so those I can put up, but we already have so much unpacked and not much room to put more.  The only room that is actually unpacked and sort of ready for more is the baby room.  That was a priority for me.

Whats left is two clothing boxes full of leggings and undershirts and 4 unknown misc. boxes that I am “afraid” to open.  Hubby has been working on the basement, which is now his man cave. That was his priority.  Hahahaha.  He did help me with the baby room.

We are getting close to being done and I’d expect to be done by this weekend and then I can dust and clean the floors.  Looking forward to not walking around a maze of boxes.

My My How Things Have Changed

It has been two years since my last post.  So much has changed.

Career: Mom and I changed our company, Opeys Home, from making custom pillows (although we do take custom orders for them), but now we make and sell pet clothing and accessories.  We have had partial success with it and have had our product in a vets clinic and soon will have it in a Pet club.  I also started selling Agnes & Dora, womens clothing, but after selling it for several months, I ended up leaving that company for many reasons I wont go into.  I then started selling LimeLight by Alcone, professional makeup and love love love this company. They have the only skin care and foundation that I have ever been able to use, that did not affect my seborrheic dermatitis. It will be my last company to join and sale.

Weight Loss/Health: When I last posted I had talked about my weight loss experience and eating healthier.  Well several months later, our finances had changed and I could not longer afford personal training so I had to give it up. I tried to stay healthy, but I let old bad habits of not eating and going out to eat set back in.  I gained about 2o ish lbs back and had to go back to my old jeans and clothes, but was able to keep it at that weight.  Then about 6-7 months ago, we started NutriSystem and it really gave me great results!  I lost the weight I had gained back and was doing really great!  After 2 months of being on the System, I ended up ordering nothing but pasta with marinara  for almost all of my meals…. I am only human and that really got old.  I ended up talking my husband into us cheating here and there and that ended up ending the System.  Once again, we fell back into old habits.  Mom and I started going to the personal trainer again (I was kidding myself thinking I could financially handle it) just before Christmas.

Side Note: For the past 7 years we have tried for babies and sadly were not able to have   any viable babies.  We went through the heartache of 3 miscarriages and monthly disappointments.  We have tried so many natural remedies and really wanted to stay away from conventional medicine.  We found this fertility tracking bracelet that you only wear at night, called Ava, last June and ordered it without hesitation.  It tracks your body temperature, resting heart rate, sleep patterns, and other data points.  Its all analyzed and gives you your best times to conceive. We didn’t actually get it until the end of October, as it was brand new technology and still in the beginning stages of production.

Pregnancy: Two weeks before Christmas, I wasn’t feeling well but didnt think much about it.  I figured any day I start and it never came… again with PCOS, I didn’t think much about it as I am not regular.  Christmas morning I was sitting there and thought… I should test.  Don’t know what made me think of it but I went ahead and actually forgot that I tested.  I happened to look down and saw a Positive Test!!!  I was in shock so I took 2 more tests.  All were positive.  I was in utter shock!  No way I was pregnant… no way.  I immediately went downstairs with this onesie we had been saving and told my husband we had another gift to wrap for my parents… I showed him the onesie and he didn’t understand at first.  Once it set in what was going on he stood up and we hugged as I bawled.

Back to the gym that following Tuesday (since going back to the gym, we had only been able to do one session before Christmas)… I was so excited to tell our trainer.  She was super excited too but then this meant adjusting our workouts for baby.  We were only able to go for maybe 2 months before baby bills started to pile up. We also had to move into a bigger place so there was an added cost there too. So once again I had to cut out the trainer.  I did loose more inches but the weight stayed the same.

Fast forward through the first trimester…  The first trimester was rough.  It was full of constant nausea, constant fatigue, constant emotions (weepy and not so nice), bouts of being hangry, tons of food aversions, wonderful Dr apts with amazing sonograms of our little miracle, getting poked and blood drawn.  It was a roller coaster of a trimester.  It also shed light on how much true pregnancy is not talked about.  No one really tells you what is actually going to happen during pregnancy.  We had a spotting scare and a major dizziness scare that through me for a loop, but the baby has a really strong heart beat and the Dr said our pregnancy is really low risk which is a blessing in itself.

We are now in our second trimester… This one is a little better.  The nausea, emotions, bouts of hangry, and food aversions are all mostly gone but they have been replaced with heartburn/indigestion, and headaches.  Not horrible but still no fun.  Something to look forward to this trimester is getting to know what we are having!  I’m hoping to maybe find out sooner… I’m looking into it.

Our New Place: On top of now being pregnant, we have now moved and trying to settle in.  I’m getting tired quickly so unpacking is taking me a little bit.  We have several boxes that need to go to Goodwill and I am sure I will add more to them. We moved to a 2 bedroom town home with the same floor plan as our last place. It is upgraded with new hardwood floors, new kitchen, new bathroom vanities, and a wonderful color scheme.  It isn’t built as well as the last place and there are things that set off my OCD.  Lines that aren’t straight, paint jobs that aren’t within the lines, blinds that don’t match. Nothing that hinders us living here but definitely bothers me. Hubby tells me not to look at the crooked lines.

It has truly been a busy and blessed two years! So much has happened and so much has changed.