Back History

So growing up I was made fun of all through Elementary, Middle, and High school and it hurt, but then I graduated and it was my chance to get out of there and move on.

I then went to college at the Art Institute of Dallas for Fashion Design and did really well (much better than I did in high school) and had an unfortunate accident down some stairs that really kinda ruined my chances of doing anything in fashion (grades plummeted.)

Shortly before I graduated, I met my husband through a series of events.  We got married the next year and the next 3-4 years was very very rough. Changing of jobs, financial roller coaster, marriage roller coaster…all of this made it very rough.

Then, just when I thought all the bad was behind me, my past caught up  and depression set in.  The years of pain from school, plus the years of pain from my childhood…the “friendships” that weren’t real, the physical pain from the accident, the roller coasters; all hit me hard.

All this has brought us here today…. A lot of past hurt, pain, confusion, betrayal.  Of course all that has happened, I should ask God why?  Why all this “suffering” ( say it that way because although it hurt me and affected me deeply, I was never beaten or assaulted…it was all mental)?

Well this morning, while driving to work, I was listening to Insight for Living and Charles Swindoll was saying how God doesn’t make mistakes and everything that happens is because he made it happen and how OOPSY isn’t in his vocabulary.

It made me think… The bullying in school made me resort to my room where I taught myself to draw and that is where my love of art came from > this put me in all kinds of art classes > this took me to the college I picked > this took me to a “friend” > who met a guy, that brought his friend > this turned out to be my future husband > which lead to fighting and growing and slowly maturing > trying out different fields and finding myself.

All that hurt and pain has lead me to where I am and honestly…. I LOVE ME now!!!

There is a “quick” overview of my past that has brought us to where we are now.  I hope you can relate in anyway and I hope my future posts will bring comfort and joy.

God Bless!


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